July Canyon Cinema 50 events and collaborations

July is upon us. Here’s what is coming up.

We’re right on the heels of two nights with Deborah Stratman, plus a panoply of cityscape films selected by former Canyon director Dominic Angerame and a world premiere of a new work by filmmaker Jeremy Rourke.

That was June, and here’s July: a free collaborative screening with the de Young Museum for their Summer of Love festivities, two co-presentations with the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, and three opportunities to see legendary structural filmmaker Ernie Gehr’s work, new and old.

July 14 // 7:00 PM // Koret Auditorium – de Young
Love, Light, and Lyrical Eroticism

Presented in collaboration with the de Young Museum

Free admission. Tickets will be available at the Koret Auditorium beginning at 6:00 PM.

Canyon Cinema’s official incorporation in February of 1967 was animated by many of the same sensibilities that brought thousands of people to San Francisco only a few months later, during the Summer of Love. As a part of the de Young Museum’s fiftieth anniversary exhibition, The Summer of Love Experience, we are hosting a free screening of works from the Canyon collection that channel the energy of the counterculture and reflect the epochal spirt of 1967.

Program includes:
The Bed, James Broughton (1968)
Square Inch Field, David Rimmer (1968)
Waterfall, Chick Strand (1967)
FFFTCM, Will Hindle (1967)
Unfolding, Coni Beeson (1970)

July 19 // 7:00 PM // BAMPFA
An Evening with Ernie Gehr

Presented in collaboration with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. Ernie Gehr in person.

Tickets – $12.00 ($7.00 BAMPFA members)

This month, and for the first time in years, Ernie Gehr will be traveling to the Bay Area. We have planned three consecutive nights to showcase his recent video work, as well as earlier film experiments. The celebrations begin at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, where Gehr will present four digital pieces completed between 2010 and 2017 that take train transport and his own New York neighborhoods as starting points for studies in abstraction and change.

Program includes:
Picture Taking (2010)
Autumn (2017)
Transport (2015)
A Commuter’s Life (What a Life!) (2014)

July 20 // 7:30 PM // Exploratorium
After Dark: An Ernie Gehr Variety Show

Presented in collaboration with the Exploratorium. Ernie Gehr in person.

Tickets – $15.00 ($10.00 Exploratorium members)

Since switching to digital filmmaking in 2004, Gehr has created more than fifty works–the two nights we have planned for this month do not overlap and just barely scratch the surface of this immense output. After the BAMPFA show, Gehr comes to San Francisco for a screening of four defamiliarizing considerations of the landscape, many of which are showing for the first time in the Bay Area.

Program includes:
Photographic Phantoms (2013)
Brooklyn Series (2014)
Mist I & II (2014)
Waterfront Follies (2008)

July 21 // 6:00 PM // Little Roxie Theater
Side/Walk/Shuttle and Other Works by Ernie Gehr

Presented in collaboration with the Roxie Theater. Ernie Gehr in person.

Tickets – $11.00 General Admission

Gehr’s whole career as a filmmaker constitutes a sustained inquiry into the specific qualities of medium–whether that’s digital video or 16mm film–and the way that it can render consciousness, space, light and time. You’ll be able to see this continuity yourself on Friday, when we will show Side/Walk/Shuttle, a vertiginous exploration of San Francisco’s peculiar topographies, along with other of Gehr’s 16mm work from the two decades prior.

Program includes:
Shift (1972-1974)
Mirage (1981)
Rear Window (1986/1991)
Side/Walk/Shuttle (1991)

July 25 // 4:20 PM // Castro Theatre
Red Trees

Presented with the Jewish Film Institute as a part of the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Tickets – $15.00 General Admission

The 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival kicks off on July 20th, and we are proud to co-present two films on this year’s program. The first is Red Trees, an exquisitely filmed essay that chronicles the life of the Willers, one of only twelve Jewish families to survive the Nazi occupation of Prague. The film chronicles that chronicles the family’s life in the Czech Republic, their narrow escape from the death camps and eventual emigration to Brazil; it is both a testament to the human will to survive as well as a celebration of diversity and acceptance.

Red Trees will also play at the Albany Twin at 2:15 PM on Friday, August 4 at the Albany Twin.

July 26 // 12:00 PM // Castro Theatre
Death in the Terminal

Presented with the Jewish Film Institute as a part of the 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Tickets – $15.00 General Admission

Our second co-presentation at the SFJFF is Death in the Terminal, a gripping, Rashomon-style documentary is devoted to unpacking what happened in the span of 18 fateful minutes on October 18, 2015, when gunfire erupted at the Beersheba bus terminal. Winner of numerous awards in both Israel and Europe, it is both an absorbing film as well as a trenchant reminder that in moments of anger and panic the truth can be obscured by fury and fear.

Death in the Terminal will also play at the Albany Twin at 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 3 at the Albany Twin.