CC50 November events

This month: our last two Canyon Cinema 50 screenings at BAMPFA, plus Gunvor Nelson, Dorothy Wiley, and Chick Strand…

The days are getting shorter and 2017 is coming to a close, but there is still a lot of Canyon Cinema 50 programming left to see. Our five-part collaboration with BAMPFA concludes with two screenings that survey the experimental landscape from 1988 to the present day, beginning with Coding and Decoding on Wednesday and ending with a Bay Area premiere of Nathaniel Dorsky’s new work for Silence and Sanctuaries on the 29th. In between, we are joining San Francisco Cinematheque for the second Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley program at YBCA, and traveling to the Roxie Theater for a rare presentation of Chick Strand’s Anselmo trilogy.

November 1 // 7:00 PM // BAMPFA
Coding and Decoding

Presented in association with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive.

Tickets$12.00 ($7.00 BAMPFA members)

Introduced by David Sherman. Greta Snider and Dominic Angerame in person. Canyon Cinema 50 at BAMPFA pushes onward into the nineties on Wednesday for Coding and Decoding, a program consisting of four films that take advantage of collage, appropriation, and the artist’s observant eye to document place and time. The program is curated and introduced by filmmaker, microcinema pioneer, and longtime Canyon employee David Sherman, and his found footage reconstruction of San Francisco, To Re-edit the World, ends the show. Also featured are Decodings, Michael Wallin’s home movie allegory, No-Zone, Greta Snider’s act of punk bricolage, and Premonition, Dominic Angerame’s exploration of the doomed Embarcadero Freeway.

Program includes:
Premonition, Dominic Angerame (1995)
No-Zone, Greta Snider (1993)
Decodings, Michael Wallin (1988)
To Re-edit the World, David Sherman (2002)

November 16 // 7:30 PM // YBCA
Dorothy Wiley & Gunvor Nelson: Short Films 1967-1973

Presented in association with San Francisco Cinematheque. Part of SF Cinematheque’s fall series Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley.

Tickets$10.00 ($7.00 Cinematheque members)

Curated and introduced by Tanya Zimbardo. San Francisco Cinematheque’s Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley retrospective continues at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on Thursday, November 16 with this selection of short solo and collaborative films. Made in Northern California in the creatively rich and cinematically adventurous period between 1967 and 1973, these works mine the richness of everyday life, elaborating a poetics of parenthood, partnership, and domesticity.

Program includes:
My Name is Oona, Gunvor Nelson (1969)
Letters, Dorothy Wiley (1972)
Miss Jesus Fries on the Grill, Dorothy Wiley (1973)
Weeny Worm or the Fat Innkeeper, Dorothy Wiley (1972)
Moon’s Pool, Gunvor Nelson (1973)
Fog Pumas, Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley (1967)

November 20 // 7:00 PM // Roxie Theater
Chick Strand’s Anselmo Trilogy

Tickets$11.00 General Admission

Chick Strand had a background in anthropology before helping to found Canyon, and eventually left the Bay Area to study ethnographic film at UCLA. Her work, which came to occupy the borderlands between experimental cinema and documentary ethnography, is informed by this dual education. The Anselmo trilogy, screening on Monday the 20th at the Little Roxie, offers a glimpse at how Strand’s unique style developed over the course of her career. Focusing on Anselmo Aguascalientes, a Guanajato street musician, the three films constitute a twenty-year portrait of the life of an indigenous Mexican, focused through a radical and expressive ethnographic lens.

Program includes:
Anselmo (1967)
Cosas de mi Vida (1976)
Anselmo and the Women (1986)

November 27 // 7:00 PM // BAMPFA
Silence and Sanctuaries

Presented in association with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive.

Tickets$12.00 ($7.00 BAMPFA members)

Introduced by Nathaniel Dorsky. The month concludes with our final Canyon Cinema 50 collaboration at BAMPFA, Silence and Sanctuaries. Nathaniel Dorsky, whose lyrical silent films occupy a world of their own, will join us as winter begins to set in for a Bay Area premiere of two of his most recent films, Elohim and Abaton, which were inspired by this year’s suddenly fertile spring following years of California drought. These films are paired with two of Stan Brakhage’s late hand-painted pieces, Black Ice and Chartres Series. All works are silent; the better for us to focus our attention on what Dorsky calls the “energy of light as creation.”

Program includes:
Elohim, Nathaniel Dorsky (2017)
Black Ice, Stan Brakhage (1994)
Chartres Series, Stan Brakhage (1994)
Abaton, Nathaniel Dorsky (2017)