CC50 December Events

There’s plenty left to see as 2017 draws to a close: Light Field, a celebration of Stan Brakhage at YBCA, Abraham Ravett, Lynne Sachs, and Daniel Eisenberg at ATA + more…

We’re finishing out the year strong. Our favorite new festival Light Field heads into its second year at The Lab this week, with work by Canyon filmmakers throughout and a special Canyon Cinema 50 program on Sunday. San Francisco Cinematheque celebrates the republication of Stan Brakhage’s seminal Metaphors on Vision on Friday. Mark Wilson curates a special program inspired by folk tales and myth at Artists’ Television Access later on in the month, we have another Salon with Jon Jost just around the corner, and the Third Annual Report of Camera Obscura convenes at 16 Sherman for a daylong symposium just before the new year.

One more thing: if you’ve enjoyed Canyon’s programming this year, please consider donating this holiday season. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to Canyon Cinema Foundation.

December 7-10 // The Lab
Light Field 2017

Tickets$6.00-$10.00 sliding scale ($40.00 festival pass / $30.00 Lab members)

The ambitious collective running Light Field, held for four days this week at The Lab in San Francisco, treat celluloid and the artists who employ it with reverence. Now entering its second year, Light Field 2017 begins on Thursday and features 10 programs of recent and historical moving image art shown entirely on film. We are thrilled to provide many of the prints being shown.

Light Field 2017 features the work of: Kioto Aoki, Dicky Bahto, Gregory Bagdasarov, Tina M. Bastajian, Stan Brakhage, Hans Breder, Stephanie Beroes, Guillaume Cailleau, Esperanza Collado, Mary Helena Clark, Nazli Dincel, Gonzalo Egurza, Ernie Gehr, Brendan Glasson, Gail Gutierrez, Amy Halpern, Bea Haut, David Haxton, Henry Hills, Chuck Hudina, Christina Hunt, Shiho Kano, Andrew Kim, Minjung Kim, Milada Kovacova, Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu, Rose Lowder, Brian Lye, Jodie Mack, Josephine Massarella, Brigid McCaffrey, Ross Meckfessel, Toney W. Merritt, Alexandra Moraselova, Robert Morris, J.J. Murphy, Julie Murray, Christina C. Nguyen, Alee Peoples, Dana Plays, Sarah Pucill, Chloe Reyes, Lis Rhodes, Peter Rose, Ben Russell, Mónica Savirón, Carolee Schneemann, Guy Sherwin, Fern Silva, John Smith, Michael Snow, Joshua Gen Solondz, Chick Strand, Ignacio Tamarit, Topazu, Joyce Wieland, Tinne Zenner, Antoinette Zwirchmayr.

December 8 // 7:30 PM // YBCA
Stan Brakhage: Metaphors on Vision

Presented in association with San Francisco Cinematheque, Light Field and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Tickets$10.00 ($6.00 Cinematheque members)

Screening presented by Thomas Beard, Light Industry. Stan Brakhage’s Metaphors on Vision is a visionary declaration on the nature of avant-garde film art and visual experience. Long out of print and highly sought-after, the book is getting new life thanks to our friends at Anthology Film Archive and Light Industry. Together with San Francisco Cinematheque, we are celebrating the updated edition with a screening of Brakhage’s early classic Anticipation of the Night, preceded by the somberly poetic The Dead and cameraless classic Mothlight.

Program includes:
Mothlight (1963)
The Dead (1960)
Anticipation of the Night (1958)

December 10 // 5:00 PM // The Lab
Light Field Program 6

Presented in association with Light Field.

Tickets$6.00-$10.00 sliding scale ($40.00 festival pass / $30.00 Lab members)

Curated by tooth. In addition to the Canyon filmmakers featured throughout this year’s Light Field programming, we are teaming up with Bay Area curator and filmmaker tooth to present a special screening for Canyon Cinema 50, composed entirely of films from the catalog produced between 1973 and 2012. Featuring rarely-seen work from Toney Merritt, Henry Hills, Stephanie Beroes, Shiho Kano, Dana Plays and others, this one is not to be missed.

Program includes:
EF, Toney Merritt (1979)
Behind the Scenes, Ernie Gehr (1975)
The Dance of Life, Milada Kovacova (1990)
Across the Border, Dana Plays (1982)
Rocking Chair, Shiho Kano (2000)
Elixir, Amy Halpern (2012)
SSS, Henry Hills (1988)
Study in Diachronic Motion, Peter Rose (1975)
Parcelle, Rose Lowder (1979)
Ikarus, Hans Breder/Chuck Hudina (1973)
Valley Fever, Stephanie Beroes (1979)

December 19 // 7:30 PM // Artists’ Television Access
Myth, Folklore, and Proverb

Tickets – $7.00-$10.00 sliding scale

Curated by Mark Wilson. This program features three films that take inspiration from religious, folk, and proverbial forms of knowledge and belief. Abraham Ravett’s Horse/Kappa/House channels the unseen spirits and invisible entities of Japan’s Iwate prefecture. In A Biography of Lilith, Lynne Sachs transforms the story of the Biblical first woman into a modern-day feminist allegory. And Daniel Eisenberg’s Cooperation of Parts approaches the Holocaust obliquely, using lists, descriptions of photographs, proverbs, and other techniques to take stock of the horror from a second generation perspective.

Program includes:
A Biography of Lillith, Lynne Sachs (1987)
Horse/Kappa/House, Abraham Ravett (1995)
Cooperation of Parts, Daniel Eisenberg (1987)

Save the Date!

A Salon with Jon Jost
December 17 // 16 Sherman // 7:30 PM

The Third Annual Report of Camera Obscura
December 30 // 16 Sherman // NOON

The opening program will include Peter Hutton’s July ’71 in San Francisco, Living at Beach Street, Working at Canyon Cinema, Swimming in the Valley of the Moon. The complete program will be announced several days before the event.

Complete details on both events coming soon. Keep an eye on our events page for more information.