Canyon Cinema 50 trailer!

As a part of the year’s celebrations, artists and filmmakers Adrianne Finnelli and Bryan Boyce created this mesmerizing trailer. It’s a kaleidoscopic tour through our fifty year history and a testament to the continued vitality of our collection.

For a complete list of artists and works, click below.

Canyon Cinema 50 Trailer Films & Filmmakers

Matthias Müller – Alpsee
Craig Baldwin – Wild Gunman
Elizabeth Sher – Too Young
Abigail Child – Salome
Daina Krumins – Babobilicons
Dana Plays – Grain Graphics
Coni Beeson – Freedom on the Inside
Joey Carducci – Generations
Greta Snider – Portland
Julie Murray – Fl.oz
David Sherman – To Re-edit the World
Janis Crystal Lipzin – De Luce 2: Architectura
Lewis Klahr – Marietta’s Lied
Maïa Cybelle Carpenter – Working Portraits
Gordon Ball – Mexican Jail Footage
Victor Faccinto – Visual Remains
Toney Merritt – Welcome to the House of the Raven
Sandy Ding – Night Awake
Storm DeHirsch – Peyote Queen
Paul Sharits – Bad Burns
Standish Lawder – Necrology
Shirley Clarke – Bridges-Go-Round
Pat O’Neill – Water and Power
Owen Land – New Improved Institutional Quality
Robert Nelson & William Wiley – The Off-Handed Jape
Marie Menken – Go Go Go
Lawrence Jordan – Our Lady of the Sphere
Jonas Mekas – Notes on the Circus
Stan VanDerBeek – Symmetricks
Tomonari Nishikawa – Market Street
Chick Strand – Fake Fruit Factory
Scott Stark – Traces
Phil Solomon – Remains to Be Seen
Paul Clipson – Another Void
Naomi Uman – Removed
Lynne Sachs – Drawn and Quartered
Kerry Laitala – Muse of Cinema
Marjorie Keller – She/va
Bruce Baillie – All My Life
Cauleen Smith – Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron)
Len Lye – Kaleidoscope
Su Friedrich – Sink or Swim
Bill Brown – Confederation Park
Sandra Davis – Matter of Clarity
Amy Halpern – Palm Down
Alice Anne Parker – Animals Running
Tom Palazzolo – He