Canyon Cinema 50 January 2018 Events

Happy New Year! Canyon Cinema 50 continues in 2018…

Our fiftieth year may have come and gone, but we’ve decided that’s no reason to stop programming in San Francisco. The festivities continue at the Untitled Art Fair this weekend, where we’ll be showing Chick Strand’s Soft Fiction, and continue with Sandra Gibson Luis Recoder’s second Prepared Projection Performance at the Exploratorium on the twentieth. Then we’re back at the Roxie for a screening of Gunvor Nelson’s Red Shift and Marjorie Keller’s Daughters of Chaos.

January 13 // 3:00 PM // Palace of Fine Arts
Soft Fiction @ Untitled Art Fair

Tickets$26.00 (Day Pass)

Untitled, Art teams with local galleries and instiutions to host itinerant, cross-discipline art fairs. Their next iteration takes place from January 12 to January 14 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and features art exhibitions and film screenings curated by Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco Cinematheque, BAMPFA, and others. Our own contribution to the fair is Chick Strand’s Soft Fiction, a sensuous and personal documentary made from the female perspective. This print of the film was restored in 2015 by Academy Film Archive, with funding provided by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Film Foundation.

January 20 // 3:00 PM // Exploratorium
Reinscriptions for Line Describing A Cone

Presented in association with Exploratorium Cinema Arts.

Tickets$29.95 (includes museum admission)

From 3-5pm, Canyon constituents can access the installation by entering the Kanbar Forum using the theater entrance located just inside the Museum’s Pier 15 Bulkhead doors to the right. Please note: this complementary admission to Gibson + Recoder’s installation does not include access to the Museum.

Part of a series of works collectively referred to as solid light films, Anthony McCall’s Line Describing A Cone sees the fog-thickened beam of a 16mm projector transformed into a three-dimensional moving sculpture. As the beam is viewed from various vantage points within the space it transforms, shifts, and demands attentive observation. In this Prepared Projection Performance from artists Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder, a reprojection and reframing of McCall’s work will be explored through projecting two prints of Line Describing a Cone in a cinematic experiment. This is the second edition of the duo’s Prepared Projection Performances; for information about the first edition, La Région Decentrale, click here.

January 30 // 7:00 PM // Roxie Theater
Red Shift + Daughters of Chaos

Tickets$11.00 General Admission

Our last screening of the month takes place at the Roxie Theater, where we’ll be showing two films that explore the relationships between mothers and daughters and the mysteries of growing up and growing old. Gunvor Nelson’s Red Shift is a luminous portrait of the artist’s family across three generations, while Marjorie Keller’s Daughters of Chaos explores the simultaneous yearning of girls for womanhood and women for childhood.