Canyon Cinema 50 in September

Summer may be almost over, but Canyon Cinema 50 is not.

September is packed: we’re launching our fall programming with the first two screenings in our Canyon Cinema 50 retrospective at BAMPFA, co-presenting two more SF Cinematheque shows, and inviting Portland filmmaker Vanessa Renwick to the stage for our next Salon. Read on for full details.

September 13 // 7:00 PM // BAMPFA
The Early Years

Presented in collaboration with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. Lawrence Jordan in person.

Tickets – $12.00 ($7.00 BAMPFA members)

Our fall season is anchored around five programs at BAMPFA that trace Canyon Cinema’s history from the genesis of the co-op in the sixties through the present day, introduced by artists and filmmakers who have been involved in the organization over the course of its long history. The series proceeds roughly by decade (with recent work throughout), and begins next Wednesday with The Early Years, a screening of work by Canyon founders and others involved at the height of the countercultural moment. Lawrence Jordan, the indomitable animator and Canyon co-founder, will be in attendance to share two new films alongside work by Bruce Conner, Bruce Baillie, Lenny Lipton, Gunvor Nelson, and others.

Program includes: 
Time Travel, Lawrence Jordan (2017)
Entr’acte III, Lawrence Jordan (2017)
All My Life, Bruce Baillie (1966)
I Change I Am the Same, Alice Anne Parker Severson (1969)
Cosmic Ray, Bruce Conner (1961)
Doggie Diner and Return of Doggie Diner, Lenny Lipton (1969)
Schmeerguntz, Gunvor Nelson/Dorothy Wiley (1966)
Hot Leatherette, Robert Nelson (1967)
Big Sur: The Ladies, Lawrence Jordan (1964)
The Dream Merchant, Lawrence Jordan (1964)
Pink Swine, Lawrence Jordan (1963)
Our Lady of the Sphere, Lawrence Jordan (1969)

September 14 // 7:30 PM // Center for New Music
New Beginnings

Presented in collaboration with SF Cinematheque

Tickets – $10.00 (free for Cinematheque members)

We are joining forces with SF Cinematheque once again this month to co-present the two inaugural screenings of their fall series. It begins, appropriately, with New Beginnings, the first installment of a recurring curatorial endeavor oriented toward the presentation of historic works of artist-made cinema in the contemporary context. The program will to that end situate canonical works by Canyon filmmakers Larry Gottheim and Su Friedrich alongside a recent film by Rei Hayama, with the goal of providing fresh insight into all three works.

September 18 // 7:30 PM (doors 7:00 PM) // 16 Sherman
A Salon with Vanessa Renwick

We’re back at 16 Sherman for our next Salon in the middle of the month, this time with Portland punk veteran and founder of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass Vanessa Renwick. She will be coming to town to show her own iconoclastic work together with films from James Broughton, Alice Anne Parker and Peter Kubelka that match and refract her long term interests in landscapes, the human body, and the relationship between them. As always, the event is free and will be followed by an intimate discussion with the filmmaker.  

Program includes: 
Hermes Bird, James Broughton (1979)
Unsere Afrikareise, Peter Kubelka (1966)
Near the Big Chakra, Alice Anne Parker (1972)
Toxic Shock, Vanessa Renwick (1983)
9 is a Secret, Vanessa Renwick (2002)
Olympia, Vanessa Renwick (1984/1988)

September 21 // 7:30 PM // Center for New Music
Suspended Belief

Presented in collaboration with SF Cinematheque

Tickets – $10.00 (free for Cinematheque members)

SF Cinematheque’s second screening at the Center for New Music this month is a selection of films (all created in Northern California 1966–2016) reflecting direct physical engagement with the tools of cinematic expression and a turn toward intimacy, introspection and anti-linguistic exploration. First programmed for EXiS 2017 in Seoul, the screening includes works by Canyon filmmakers Bruce Baillie, Gunvor Nelson, Nathaniel Dorsky, Ken Paul Rosenthal and Will Hindle alongside contemporary Bay Area artists Vanessa O’Neill, J.M. Martinéz, Karly Stark, and Malic Amalya.

Program includes: 
All My Life, Bruce Baillie (1966)
Billabong, Will Hindle (1966)
Field Study #2, Gunvor Nelson (1988)
Spring Flavor, Ken Paul Rosenthal (1996)
I Am Delighted By Your Alchemy, Turning Everything in My Kingdom to Gold, Karly Stark (2014)
Cyclical Refractions, J.M. Martinéz (2016)
Roadsides & Waste Grounds, Malic Amalya
Suspension, Vanessa O’Neill (2012)
17 Reasons Why, Nathaniel Dorsky (1987)

September 27 // 7:00 PM // BAMPFA
Portraits and Protests

Presented in collaboration with the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. Abigail Child in person.

Tickets – $12.00 ($7.00 BAMPFA members)

Former Canyon shipper and editor of Cinemanews and longtime Canyon filmmaker Abigail Child will stop in to Berkeley at the end of the month to introduce the second program in our BAMPFA series, Portraits and Protests. She’ll be bringing Acts & Intermissions, her new portrait of anarchist political theorist Emma Goldman, which will be paired with diary films and self-portraits produced by George Kuchar, Mike Henderson, and Henry Hills between 1970 and 1981

Program includes: 
Wild Night in El Reno, George Kuchar (1977)
Dufus, Mike Henderson (1970)
Kino Da!, Henry Hills (1981)
Acts & Intermissions, Abigail Child (2014)